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Ideas for DIY Wedding in Rustic Style

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Wedding Centerpieces

Planning a wedding is extremely exciting, especially if planning your own. There are so many things you need to take care of, but one of the most important ones is the style as without it the wedding would not have a meaning. Speaking of which, nowadays, one of the most popular ones is rustic, so if you are a rustic lover, you will get amazed by the many beautiful yet simple and easy things you can do for your wedding. The only thing you will need is a reliable online shop from which you can buy wedding stuff and with a little bit of imagination, you will be able to add that rustic charm to your wedding, turning it into the most beautiful one. There are lots of breathtaking wedding supplies Australia online stores can provide with, so whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, there is a way to add some rustic beauty to it. Add a heading here.

Breathtaking Rustic Entrance

When it comes to the ideal entrance wedding supplies Australia wedding planners say that hay bales and wooden shelf racks decorated with some breathtaking wedding accessories are the most sought-after type of wedding rustic entrance. Although beautiful on their own, when decorated with some wedding accessories, hay bales and rack shelves can provide instant style which is your goal, right?!

wedding supplies Australia

Alluring Rustic Wedding Site Decor

You can make use of hay bales again but this time you can line them up in rows and use them as a mass guest seating. Just cover them up with a white fabric to make the seating more comfortable and let guests enjoy your wedding. Along with the traditional high guest tables, you can place several wine barrels here and there and beautify them with beautiful glass vases and the most popular cutest and tiniest gypsophila white wedding flowers or also known as baby’s breath held. To make all things even more beautiful, you can wrap the vase with burlap strips or jute twine. You can also use baby's breath held by placing them in simple metals cans to frame the bride's journey down the aisle.

Wedding Site Decor

Simple Yet Appealing Rustic Centerpieces

Large blossoms in jars wrapped with burlap or jute twine is always a good idea for a rustic centerpiece, and in case you are looking for a more budget-friendly solution, consider the use of craft paper roses in some pretty glass vases. Once again, you could make use of jute twine or burlap.

Rustic Centerpieces
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