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Health Benefits of Roller Skating

I bought my kids, Joanna 9 and David 11 roller skates today. Bringing memories when my dad bought me for the first time, made me happy and a little sad. Time passes so fast, it felt like it was yesterday when my dad bought me my first roller skates, made me happy and a little sad deep inside. Well, the fact is I still can strap them on and roll in the park like the days of past. I've been inspired by elder people in their 80's still using roller skates. Yes, some habits seem to never die.
When searching for online skate store Australia has many options available. My wife has “everything must be healthy” OCD so I was forced to find the best health benefits that you can gain from roller skating.
Maintaining your joints in top shape!
According to the health specialists, skating causes 50% less impact on your joints than the one you are getting from running. Simply said, a roller skating workout has less joint deprivation compared with as jogging, only with the extra muscles used!
Considerable as a cross training workout!
Roller-skating is equal with jogging in terms of calories spent and physical benefits, reducing your fat and increasing your strength. So if your kids are training some sports, this will be the perfect way to keep them in shape during the offseason!
Makes you happier!
Have you ever noticed a roller skater being not happy with a frowny face? Of course not! Surrounded with music, sunlight, fun and the social aspect roller skating is one of the most awesome workouts ever... EVER!
Improves your inner skills!
Roller skating improves your balance with the strength of your abdominal and back muscles, maintaining you steady not to falling. Also, it strengthens your legs and glutes as you increase your movement while your arms balance you're and get the needed exercise during your skating.
Makes your heart healthier!
The Australian heart association approves roller skating as a productive workout that strengthens your heart. The average-sized man who weighs around 85 kilograms can expect to burn 10 calories per minute, making the most effective exercise for your heart.
Social aspect!
Roller-skating can upgrade your friendship to a next level. Being social is very important part of the mental health – so next time your friends want to go to a dinner, propose them to go roller-skating. The most important part is you can do it anywhere! On the street, in the park, there is always good road condition to them!
So with this fact, my wife gave in to the idea to buy our kids roller skates. They are healthy, fun and social – everything that kids need today. Even we as adults need them, to reminds us of our childhood, to better our health and just plain to get out of the house!
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