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The Cutest Wedding Table Decorations and Centrepiece Ideas

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Designing your wedding can be overwhelming, especially when the date is right on the corner. There are plenty of decisions to be made, starting from the venue where your wedding party will play, the location, colour, theme and last but not least the decorations. Decorations are the first thing that your guest will see once they come to the party, so choosing the right ones is important. They are the best way to bring your wedding theme to life so it is worth to put some effort into the shopping process. Table centrepieces and decorations are must-have items if you want to decorate your wedding like a pro. Because you have a lot of options to choose from, in this article we listed the cutest decorations and centrepiece ideas that work great with almost any style and space, so if you are interested, keep on reading.

Table centrepieces

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the most beautiful of all. Yes, without a doubt, the first on the list are mirrors. These reflective items can bring the magic into your wedding table. From the ceremony to the reception, mirrors make a huge impact simply by creating a reflection. Just put flowers, vases, candles or anything you want on the top of the mirror centrepieces and you will achieve an effect that will wow your guests. Mirror centrepieces come in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes what makes it easy for you to choose the type that will suits you the most. You can choose a large mirror that can host a huge centrepiece on the top or a smaller one that can hold a vase with a bouquet. When using a mirror, never underestimate the beauty of the candlelight.

mirror centrepieces

Flowers are the some of the most prefered wedding decoration choices since they can easily bring the colour and beauty to a wedding party. When looking for flowers consider the latest floral trend or what blooms in the season when your wedding is going to happen. This will narrow down the choices and help you select the perfect bouquets for your tables. When you want to go with flowers, then you need to choose whether you want tall and decadent arrangements or you prefer small and sweet bouquets.

Flowers decor wedding

Another classic choice for a wedding table decoration is definitely the candles. They are classic and simple and give you a perfect way to add romance and ambience to your wedding day. The long, white candles are the traditional choice, but you have so many options to choose from when it comes to colours, style, sizes. For example, if your wedding theme is vintage style, then choose teal light candles with gold candelabras. If you want to add more colour to the table then choose candles in shades of vibrant green or red. For additional ambience, you can choose scented candles which are another great way to add individuality and atmosphere to your big day.

Candles wedding decoration
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