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Goodbye Neighbours Hedge - a Unique Way to Grow Your Own Privacy

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Leaving in an apartment means there is nothing much you can do when it comes to privacy. But owning a house gives you a chance to protect your property from the nosey and curious neighbours just with planting a hedge. Even if you want to plant it just because you find it pleasing to look at, hedges are a great addition to any home and garden. Maybe planting hedges sounds like you need a lot of time and knowledge, but the truth is they will grow without too match attention. What is important is to choose the right type for your needs, plant it and trim it from the time to time.

So the first part of the process is selecting and buying. Before spending a couple of dollars on a hedge you need to consider what type would be most suitable for your garden. For instance, think about whether you want something that is more formal and low growing or you need something taller such as goodbye neighbours hedge. Do you need something that will take time to grow or you want something quick? Yes, you can find larger grade hedging available but planting it can be an expensive project. The number of plants you will need also depends on the type of hedge so make sure you arm yourself with all the needed information so you can make the best decision.

Once you make a selection and buy the right type of hedge, the next step is planting. Before the start, make sure you prepare the soil by digging in organic compost so the soil will become a better structure. You can do this by making holes individually for each plant or digging compost into a trench. Keep in mind how the plant is already growing. For a better planting results, plant the bushier side of the plant facing the plant next to it. This will ensure your goodbye neighbours hedge fills in quicker.

Once the planting is done, you need to take care of your hedge so it can look beautiful and serve you the purpose. Watering is essential for any plant including hedges, especially in the first year. If you keep to the regular watering schedule you will increase and speed the growth of your hedge by three to four times. Another good trick to keep your hedge in the best growing condition is to use fertilisers and improve the soil fertility. If you build sold that is rich with beneficial microorganisms you will make your hedge drought resistant while reducing the chance of root diseases.

Pruning is vital if you want to be an owner of a well-structured hedge. It is important to make pruning during the first couple of years to ensure your hedge will become bushy. Tall hedges also need to be pruned so you can stop the forming of gaps. For a nice finish use hedge shears and for cutting the large branches use pruning loppers.

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